Mister Guns Wants Your Firearms!!


Sell Your Guns Outright


Mister Guns, located in Plano, buys guns of all types. Whether you just need money for a single gun or have a large estate collection for sale, we would love to have a shot at purchasing them. We are the best place to sell guns in Dallas. We can also come to you to sell us your guns in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, and surrounding areas


Our offers are very fair. We price them through several avenues and determine what is fair for both parties. We are going to be an option that is far better than the other gun stores or pawn shops. Additionally, if you get a better offer elsewhere, we usually will match it, just show some kind of proof of their bid.


Consign your Guns


Mister Guns will consign your guns for a fee plus any auction costs if it sells online. One of the additional benefits with consignment, expecially with handguns, it includes our shipping services. If you try to ship yourself, often the shipping costs are more than the consignment fee would be, as gun dealers are allowed to ship through the US Postal service when individuals must ship through carriers like UPS, most of the time at their highest rates. Long guns are a little easier for individuals to ship than handguns, but ultimately, running your items through a dealer is the way to go because Mister Guns knows the ins and outs of Federal law related to gun transfer. The consignment fee is a small price to pay to not run afoul of federal authorities and to have access to Mister Guns customer base. Your item will be placed on various online sites as well as in our store. Not only do you not have to deal with the hassle of selling it yourself, but you also have peace of mind knowing the proper background checks have taken place and your shipping is federally compliant.


There is no special paperwork that needs to be filled out or anything the seller needs to do. Simply bring the guns and your valid ID to us and we give you cash. Its that simple!!!


Feel free to contact us anytime at mistergunstx@gmail.com or 214-901-7429.