Your Gun Store


Mister Guns in Plano, Texas, is a full service gun store. From our roots as an at home dealer in Frisco, we grew into our current location, but still provide that highly personal experience. Our customers are from all over the North Dallas area, as well as all over the nation from our online sales. Our goal is to be a store where people feel at home and comfortable. We want to be a place for gun lovers to hang out and chat, make friends, and come back again and again.


New Guns


Mister Guns stocks virtually all major firearm brands. What isn't in stock, we can get, frequently overnight. Our pricing is highly competitive, and we will match any competitor's price. Our specialties are concelament handguns, tactical rifles, and class III items like silencers, but we carry and have access to all types of guns. Inventory changes daily as well, so stop in frequently to see whats new.


Used Guns


Used guns are some of the most fun items we have. We get guns from all over Dallas, Plano, Frisco and the surrounding areas.You simply never know what you will find. We buy used guns almost daily. Its always exciting to see what is going to come through the door on any given day. Like with new guns, stop in often to see what's changed.




We stock most major calibers of ammunition. Our focus is on pistol and tactial calibers, but we also offer hunting calibers. Our prices are as good or better than anyone else, and we will frequently match others' ammo prices. Also, we sell bulk. No single box limits here. You want to buy it all? You can have it. Last, if you are willing to purchase on a regular basis, we offer special stockipiling discounts for large repetitive ammo purchases.




Mister guns is awash in firearm accessories. We have holsters, magazines, cleaning supplies, pistol safes, cases, and everything else one would need to dress up, accessorize, maintain, or secure his or her gun. Our primary focus is AR-15 supplies and parts as well as concealment items, but we keep hundreds of other products on the shelf. And again, if we dont have it, we can order it, and it rarely takes more than a day or two to arrive.