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I'd just get robbed.... It would just take too long to decide which tool to use for the delicate knumbing and extraction of the bad tooth....

Warm chest hugs from PDX out of the Mossberg 500. Smile at the flash.

It depends on the situation I guess, am I awake? If so most likely the one on my person, if I’m sleeping probably the one closest to me 😂

I'll just have my wife fetch my favorite pistol (kimber 1911) and sit there calmly in my underwear waiting for him like Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove.

The new 870 I got from y'all🤘

The one I'm wearing

You might as well wound their ego along with them

It depends on where I'm at in the house!


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1 - Battlefield Vegas is awesome 2 - Crushing cars with a tank seems SO therapeutic 3 - Full auto = take my damned money, already.

Why not?

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I’m curious how many holes are in his ceiling and walls?

Easy Gravy Seal. You might shoot your eye out. Caleb Còbar is this one of your students?

Man I just want a range with moving targets for training

Is this part of that syllabus that Grant is writing up?

He's gonna shoot his damn pinky finger off one of these days.

And this guy probably thinks he is a force to be reckoned with.....bahaha. I hear he teaches classes to the alphabet boys...

One shot from a sawed off 12 ga would be sufficient !!!

If ip man used guns

How to shoot yourself.

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‘Twas indeed a good night for Mister Guns 😎😂

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On Monday. Mister Guns, "Team. Gather around. I have an idea for new store uniforms."

You broke the fundamental rule of Vegas and ruining it for the rest of us!! p.s. why wasn't I included?!?!

What is this debauchery and where do we sign up

Ok I definitely need a new rifle... Will these ladies be there to help me??

well, that didn't stay in Vegas 😅

Ahhhh Vegas… 😂

I am offended.,,,,, That I am not there.

And you didn’t invite me!?!

Looks like 3 grand worth of fun for about 3 minutes.


Sounds like some decent employee programs you got there

Lucky !


Just wow.

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😂 If someone breaks in.. what gun are you grabbing first?! ...

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‘Twas indeed a good night for Mister Guns 😎😂 ...

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😂 should we have these at the new range?? ...

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