Shoot an HK MP5 at Mister Guns Range in Plano, Texas

Looking for one of the most legendary firearms ever produced that can still steal the show 60 years later? The HK MP5, also called the Maschinenpistole 5 in German, is a 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun designed by engineers Tilo Möller, Manfred Guhring, Georg Seidl, and Helmut Baureuter back in the 1960s. This famous firearm is manufactured by Heckler & Koch of Germany, with two main variants on the standard edition and over 30 variants across forty nations, including some semi-automatic versions. MP5 submachine guns have been dependable firearms used worldwide by the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations for over half a century. This submachine gun has served in several wars, including the Soviet-Afghan war, the Lebanese civil war, and the Gulf war. Over ten foreign countries, including Greece, China, France, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Switzerland, Turkey, and even Mexico, are still licensed to manufacture different variants of the MP5.

This classic submachine gun is a lightweight, selective-fire, roller-delayed, blowback-operated weapon. It fires from a closed bolt (bolt forward) position, which helps earn it the reputation for great single-shot accuracy. The MP5 features cold-hammered barrels forged with machined and stamped high-strength steel and polymer components, the same as in other advanced Heckler & Koch technology. The fixed, free-floating, cold hammer-forged barrel has six right-hand grooves with a 1-inch 250 mm (1:10 in) rifling twist rate and is pressed and pinned into the receiver. The MP5 can also be adjusted by a wide selection of trigger groups, including single fire only, full automatic, 2-round, and 3-round burst options. Its modular design enables various optional forearms, sight mounts, magazines, and other accessories to be installed for maximum mission flexibility. H&K MP5 submachine gun will always be known for its lightweight and high-quality design, and reliability.


Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
Caliber: 9mm
Operation: Roller-delayed blowback
Capacity: 30 Round Magazine
Weight: 6.2 lbs
Barrel Length: 5.7 inches
Rate of Fire: 700 RPM

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