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Gun Safety Course | Beginner Handgun Training | Dallas Shooting Lessons

Dallas Best Beginner Gun Safety Course

Handgun First Timers – Basic Handgun Training

Shooting at Gun in Plano Texas

Mister Guns’ favorite customers are the new shooters.

Mister Guns’ favorite customers are the new shooters. We have been in the culture for decades, but bringing fresh faces into the fold reminds us every day of the joy of the gun community. This shooting class is designed for someone who has never owned or operated firearms or wants to become comfortable with a gun they own. If you are looking for more advanced training focused on shooting and marksmanship, our follow-up course Handgun 1 is better suited for those with a bit of experience.

Shooting Lesson Required Items

  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Handgun
  • 100 rounds of range ammo
  • Course includes range fees and target

All required items are for sale or rent in our store.

In this handgun safety course, you learn:

  • Basic handgun safety fundamentals
  • Unloading and loading
  • How guns work
  • Basic maintenance
holster draw shooting range plano

Handgun First Timers Registration

Upcoming Class Dates:

Saturday, July 22nd, 2023
12pm – 2pm

How our basic firearms training works

We strive for our shooting lessons to be the type of class where no one feels out of place.  This gun safety course is specifically created to be a place for very new people to be comfortable learning handgun basics with other students at the same level. New students will leave the course feeling proficient and comfortable with their pistol.

Why is our basic handgun safety class the best?

Our training is different from any other gun training in Dallas. As a team and group of trainers, we sat and discussed every factor in helping the average new shooter feel comfortable, safe, and efficient. Our introductory handgun training courses spend more time on actually having the client manipulate, use, and make their handguns safe. We spend more time on the “comfort” factor than any other shooting courses at this level that we are aware of. We give considerable attention to having the new shooter simply get used to the bang, load, unload, and manipulate the firearm so that they go home thinking, “wow these things are way simpler than I expected.” Our goal is to have the shooter leaving the course with the fantastic feeling of confidence with their firearm. 

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