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Handgun 1 – Basic Marksmanship Gun Training

Shooting at Gun in Plano Texas

This firearm training class focuses on handgun marksmanship. This is our follow on course to our Handgun First Timers class for our customers already familiar with the basic handling of their guns. This handgun training course is perfect for people wanting to become more proficient with their firearms. Our objective with this class is for our friends to be more confident in their shooting abilities and proficiently placing rounds effectively at short and medium ranges.

Handgun Class Required Items

  • Either handgun first timers class or adequate experience
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Handgun
  • 100 rounds of range ammo
  • Course includes range fees and target

All required items are for sale or rent in our store.

In this handgun safety course, you learn:

  • Basic handgun safety fundamentals
  • Stance, grip, sight Picture
  • ABC’s of accurate and effective shooting
  • Trigger control

Handgun 1 Registration

Upcoming Class Dates:

Friday, July 28th, 2023
12pm – 2:30pm

How the handgun 1 class works

This handgun training course features about an hour of classroom time to cover the theory behind the fundamentals of marksmanship, then the group steps into the range for work with instructors to improve each person’s shooting proficiency.

Why is our basic handgun class the best?

Over the years, much of Mister Gun’s staff has done the “same old training” as everyone else, and the group as a whole decided too much time is wasted on peripheral information.  No one wants to spend 8 hours in some NRA basic handgun course, nor is it necessary.  Our handgun training class covers the meat and potatoes of what matters, and our staff is fun and easy to learn from.  There are no stupid questions in our classes, and we invite people of all levels to be comfortable and learn from the best.  When this course is over you will be a better handgun shooter.  That is the promise.

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