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Mister Guns’ approach to gun training is different.  For the last 50 years or so, the public has become accustomed to the NRA shooting lessons as THE source of gun classes. The result?  Velcro shoed “gun experts” who took a weekend class and became “firearms instructors.”

While most of the Mister Guns staff is NRA certified since it is typically needed to satisfy the State of Texas’ training requirements, we all realized that sort of training is extremely outdated. It doesn’t serve the needs of the modern shooter. Our staff lives and breathes gun culture.  We have always felt modern simple gun training is very hard to find in the NRA-centric model. We decided to develop our own training systems. We combined our considerable military, hunting, shooting, and multi-faceted firearms training experience with content and elements from the United States Concealed Carry Association to bring our clients unique, modern, customer-focused, high-quality gun training.  

Our philosophy is “bite-sized gun training.” People are busy.  We teach things in shorter periods of time, covering the most important content and allowing our friends and family to learn in a consistent, thorough, simple way, being able to digest the topics fully. These are easily scheduled at the end of the workday, and you can be home in time to watch Netflix and eat ice cream.

We make special efforts to focus on practical shooting lessons.  For example, we spend more time and effort in a basic handgun class teaching the actual usage and manipulation of the firearm than any other training system we are aware of, resulting in the shooter had actually learned how to operate their gun versus just having shot it a few times.  The devil is in the details, and we know how to get down to what people really need to know to be safe and effective.

Handgun Classes

Shooting at Gun in Plano Texas

Handgun First Timers - $119.99

Just buy a handgun?  Thinking about buying a handgun?  Our training class for first-timers is perfect for people that have never touched a pistol or revolver or may even be a little leery of the one they have.  This shooting class welcomes everyone, guarantees a stress-free environment, and no question is ever dumb.  When customers leave, they will feel safe and comfortable with firearms.

Handgun 1 - $149.99

Do you own a gun and maybe have shot a few times, but feel like you need to really grasp the marksmanship basics?  These handgun shooting lessons cover all the fundamental skills needed to build confidence and proficiency.  We cover a little classroom work and spend time working with technique and fundamentals on the range.  You will leave this class ready to shoot almost any handgun with basic proficiency and confidence.

Rifle Training

AR-15 Training Class - Carbine First Timers - $99.99

The AR-15 platform can be a moody companion or a source of joy.  In this rifle class, learn the intricacies of the Stoner classic and its safe basic usage. This rifle training class is for someone who just got their first AR-15, children (with adult), or someone who wants to learn about the rifle before purchasing.

AR-15 Training Class - Carbine Basic Shooting - $149.99

Do you have an AR-15 and haven’t really shot it?  Do you mostly shoot handguns or hunting rifles?  Do you just want to be functional and proficient and know how to safely operate and effectively shoot your AR-15?  Learn about our AR-15 Training Class!

Concealed Carry Classes

Shooting at Gun in Plano Texas

Concealed Carry Class - The Texas License to Carry Class - $74.99

Mister Guns Concealed Carry Class is the state-mandated Texas License to Carry class.  This is the standard 4-hour classroom and shooting Texas CHL Class.  Many people think the Texas License to Carry isn’t worth having since the State passed constitutional carry, but is still very much worth having.  See why by finding out more about our Texas Concealed Carry Class!

Private Shooting Lessons

Private Firearms Training - $99.99

Mister Guns offers private shooting lessons in our Plano Gun Range. Meet with an instructor one on one for private gun training in the nicest shooting range in Texas!

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