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Mister Guns Range is located at:
2540 East Plano Parkway,
Suite 188 Plano TX 75074

Located right off Highway 75, you won’t miss us!

Take your shooting experience to the next level with one of our range membership packages. 


3 Reasons To Shoot at Mister Guns

Shooting at Gun in Plano Texas

A team Of Incredible People

We are just like you; we like to be around friendly folks. Our staff will never create that firing range environment where you feel like you will get yelled at for the most minor infraction of some unknown rule. Since they were children, most of our staff have been in gun culture and community. You get a fantastic experience by having these wellsprings of knowledge that also have a unique ability to get on anyone’s level, from beginner to expert.

public gun range lanes in Plano

Cleanest Range in DFW

Our ventilation system is all fresh air with the proper air velocities to clear our range out almost instantaneously. This technology makes it literally impossible for you to breathe in smoke and soot inside ranges with recirculating air systems. Don’t like inhaling smoke and lead and stinking when you go home? Probably want to shoot with us then.

Five pistols on ffl gun dealer display rack

Cheapest Prices

Mister Guns has the best shooting equipment, the lowest cost lane rentals, the least expensive feature-packed memberships, and the cheapest prices on a massive selection of guns, ammo, and accessories. It’s a rare case where something is the best but still the most affordable, which is precisely what you get with Mister Guns.

Lane Reservation Coming Soon.

About our Texas Gun Range

Mister Guns Range is a state-of-the-art shooting range run by a fantastic team of welcoming folks with tons of experience in the firearm world. Looking for the best gun range near you? We’re located right off Highway 75 at 2540 East Plano Parkway, Suite 188 in Plano, Texas. We have everything you could imagine for the ultimate gun shooting experience.

Our indoor gun range is 25 yards long, featuring the most advanced target systems available and the cleanest ventilation system in the DFW metroplex. We offer the best prices on standard gun rentals, machine gun rentals, and the most affordable memberships around. The best part? All of our advanced target system features are part of the standard price. Most ranges charge you more to use anything that isn’t just plain old vanilla “in and out” motorized targets.

We live by a slogan here at Mister Guns, ARM EVERYBODY! Our goal is to provide the most comfortable shooting experience possible for EVERYONE and pride ourselves on having a friendly, inclusive environment. We want you to feel at home here. We mean it; stop in and join our family today!

Did we mention you can shoot machine guns?


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