Dallas' Best Texas LTC Class

Texas LTC – The License to Carry Class

We know.  Your first question is “Texas is a constitutional carry state, why would I want a Texas concealed carry license?” There are a lot of benefits.  Read on to find out.


1. A Texas LTC allows carry in places you otherwise could not

a. Many businesses will post signage preventing people from carrying without a license.  Having a Texas Concealed Carry license often allows the holder to carry in more places

b. University Campuses allow people with a Texas LTC to carry.  “Campus Carry” laws still only allow for LTC holders.

c. Texas LTC holders can carry in government meetings.

d. Airports give Texas LTC holders the benefit of the doubt and won’t arrest you for accidental carry into a secured area.


2. Taking a concealed carry class and receiving a Texas LTC allows purchasers to bypass the federal NICS background checks when purchasing a firearm.  Most of Mister Guns’ staff views this as a major perk to avoid the arbitrary and unpredictable FBI background checks and just walk out of a store with your firearm instead of dealing with delays and other government nonsense.

3. A Texas License to Carry can be used as an ID for things such as voter ID and other personal identification.

4. Reciprocity – This and the NICS bypass are in Mister Guns’ opinion the biggest reason the staff all has a Texas LTC.  Reciprocity means that having a License to Carry in Texas allows you to concealed carry in dozens of other states

5. Learning Texas Law – There are a lot of laws related to personal defense and use of force.  The course itself really does contain quite a bit of valuable information.

6. Having a better feeling of being licensed.  Many people take a Texas concealed carry class because they feel informed and trained.  They get a stronger understanding of the responsibilities of having a Texas LTC, or even just carrying concealed.  This, also, is among the most valuable aspects of the LTC program versus just carrying a gun with far less information.


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LTC Class Required Items

  • Handgun 1 class or equivalent life experience – not a requirement but helpful
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Semi auto pistol or revolver
  • 50 rounds of range ammo
  • Course includes range fees and target

All required items are for sale or rent in our store.

In the Texas LTC class you will learn:

  • Deadly force laws
  • Handgun use and safety
  • Nonviolent dispute resolution
  • Proper storage practices
  • Other Texas LTC course topics

How the Texas Concealed Carry Class Works

The State of Texas requires 4-6 hours of classroom instruction as well as a basic shooting portion that is easy to pass. 

Why is Mister Guns rifle class the best?

In a word, our people. Mister Guns makes the somewhat lengthy and tedious license to carry class fun and exciting. We strive to get the classroom portion down to the shorter end of the time frame. Our instructors will work with you to ensure you pass the shooting portion if you have any difficulty. Also, we provide the cleanest, quietest, best gun range experience in the business. We welcome you to learn in our fun, beautiful, modern gun range. 

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