Class III Sales


Mister Guns is your Dallas headquarters for Class 3 / NFA firearms and other items.


Silencers, machine guns, and short barrelled rifles and shotguns are all legal to possess. its simply a taxation and paperwork issue. The national firearms act governs silencers and any other Class 3 (NFA) items. The process is simple, reasonably inexpensive, and pretty easy. It simply takes a while for the government to process.


Our sister site describes the process in detail. Additionally, there is more information on the legality at


As with anything when you deal with Mister Guns, we are here to help with the whole process. Contact us today to start your paperwork.


Ways to Own NFA Items


Many people think you need a "Class III" license to buy silencers or other NFA firearms. This is not true at all. As long as you live in a state that allows ownership of NFA items, which is most states, then it is a matter of filling out a few pieces of paperwork (less than opening a checking account), paying a 200.00 tax per NFA unit, and waiting on the government to process the paperwork. Other than that, if you are 21 and not a felon, you may own anything covered by the National Firearms Act (Silencers, short barrelled rifles, AOW's, machine guns) that you choose. Mister Guns will walk you through the process and even fill out the paperwork with you. For details on the process, contact us by the link above.

Please also check out our videos and learning page for some excellent resources to get more familiar with the NFA procedures.


1) Register The Item In Your Name as an Individual


This is probably the least desirable way to purchase. The only advantage to this is not having to pay for the cost of a trust. If you only anticipate buying a single or a very limited number of items, this may be a route to look into. The disadvantages are that only you, no one else, may possess the NFA product, local law enforcement has to sign off on the purchase, and you will have to be fingerprinted. This translates to more time. You have to wait on local law enforcement and when the paperwork is sent in, you have to wait on the fingerprints and additional background work.


2) Register The Unit To An NFA Trust


Man! This sounds complicated! Its not. Its very simple and only takes a few minutes on the phone with a lawyer. An average rate for this is about $300.00. Mister Guns has partnered with an excellent local law firm and will be able to provide these legal services in a simple way.


There are major advantages to trusts:

1) You can put more than one person on the trust, as a trustee, allowing friends and family to be able to possess your silencer or other toy.

2)For estate planning, your heirs will seamlessly inherit the item, instead of having to go through the lengthy paperwork process and pay the tax on every single item again.

3)No fingerprints or law enforcement sign off, translating to faster ATF Turnarounds. - This may be changing soon, check with Mister Guns for details.

4)You can put as many items on the trust as you like.


What Is The Process?


1) If the item is in stock, you pay for the item. If it is not in stock, you pay a deposit, and we put one on order. When we recieve it, you pay the balance. We keep the item in secure storage until the ATF finishes their work on your forms.

2)We start the paperwork process. You fill out an ATF Form 4.

3)If you opted to go the individual route instead of an NFA trust, you have to also fill out an ATF Form 5330.20 and get your fingerprints and local law enforcement sign off.

4) Send in the paperwork. Wait. And wait. And wait some more. Lead times are typically 6 months, but sometimes they drag out longer.

5) Last, when we receive your approved Form 4 from the ATF, you fill out a typical Form 4473, the same form one fills out to buy any other firearm. No background check is needed, as it has already been done in your paperwork process.


THATS IT!!! As Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part"!