CHL Courses


Mister Guns offers Concealed Handgun (CHL) classes to the public. Most of our customers are from the North Dallas Texas suburbs of Frisco, Plano, Wylie, Allen, and surrounding areas.


We offer classes for only $75.00 per person, which is cheaper than almost any CHL Class in the area.


Additionally, we will do private one on one courses, women's only courses, or courses for private groups.


Want a FREE COURSE? Get a group of 6 or more together and call to arrange a class on YOUR schedule. Mister Guns will do a private CHL Class on your time frame and the organizer will get his or her class free.


In 2013, the Texas legislature shortened the Concealed Handgun Licensing class from a 10 hour course to a 4 hour course. We offer the classroom portion in our facility at 15th and Independence in Plano, then shoot at Garland Public range, about 10 minutes away.


What's the Course Like?


The course is a pretty simple deal. While safety is our most serious concern and obligation, we try to make the CHL course as laid back as possible. No high pressure, no scary gun guys yelling at you. You come, sit in class for 4 hours, and take a test. The Concealed Handgun written test is very simple and we cover the material in the class to the point that it is virtually impossible to fail. Before or after the course, depending on the schedule, we will shoot. Again, the shootng portion is very simple. Essentially you need to be able to shoot a man size target at very short range with about 70% or so of your 50 bullets that you bring to class. In the highly unlikely event that you don't pass one part or the other, we will help you understand shooting or the course until you meet requirements.


What do I bring?


You need: Eye protection, Ear protection, at least 50 rounds of ammo, and a handgun larger than .32 caliber - all of which, if you don't have it, is conveniently available at Mister Guns in our retail store at the time of class. The course cost is $75.00. If you are a member of Garland Public Range, the range fee (payable to them, not Mister Guns) is 15.00. If you are not a member, there is an addtional 15.00 lifetime membership fee.

Other Gun Training


In conjunction with CHL training, Mister Guns offers individual and group firearms training of all kinds. Privately, we will work on whatever you desire, be it safety, marksmanship, teaching children, or any other focus area. Also, from time to time, we will offer NRA courses to groups. Most of the time we work out of our location in Plano, but we will travel to any range in the Frisco, Lewisville, Plano, Wylie, Allen, or the larger Dallas area.


What you need to bring and rates depends on the type of training we are doing. Contact us to discuss options and schedules.