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Carbine First Timers:
AR-15 Basics

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AR-15s have become the most common sporting rifle in America in recent years. This rifle training course is designed to equip students with a thorough understanding of how the rifle functions and to feel confident in safely operating, cleaning, and storing the firearm. This rifle training class is perfect for new AR-15 owners or people wanting to become more familiar with the platform. Our course is for all new people, so folks with little experience will feel comfortable and right at home asking beginner questions.

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Rifle Class Required Items

  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • AR-15 rifle
  • 100 rounds of range ammo
  • Course includes range fees and target

All required items are for sale or rent in our store.

In this AR-15 Carbine class, you learn:

  • Basic rifle safety fundamentals
  • Unloading and loading
  • How AR-15s work
  • Basic maintenance

How carbine first timers class works

This AR-15 Rifle class has about an hour of classroom time, after which students will work on simple drills loading and unloading as well as putting rounds on target out to 25 yards.  The point of this carbine course is to have people leaving the range very familiar with safe rifle operation and function.

Why is Mister Guns rifle class the best?

Our trainers’ primary rifles are always AR-15s.  We provide a fun environment that is extremely laid back where people of all levels can feel comfortable.  Instead of some long class teaching extraneous information, Mister Guns boils rifle classes down to the things that really matter.  In this case it is having the student really feel comfortable and confident with their new rifles.  When you leave this class, you will feel safe and competent with an AR-15.  After this class, the follow on class Carbine 1 gets into the details of better shooting and marksmanship.

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