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Carbine Basics – AR-15 Familiarity

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One of America’s most significant contributions to firearms history, the AR-15, is a rifle everyone should own and learn to master. Our AR-15 rifle class teaches the fundamentals of shooting the platform and associated options and accessories. This rifle shooting course will teach the basics for the AR-15 owner to be safe and confident in sport or defense, focusing on function and accuracy while covering fundamental marksmanship topics.

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Rifle Class Required Items

  • Carbine First Timers class or equivalent life experience
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • AR-15 Rifle
  • 100 rounds of range ammo
  • Course includes range fees and target

All required items are for sale or rent in our store.

In this basic rifle course you learn:

  • Basic rifle safety fundamentals
  • Using various optics
  • Basics of zeroing
  • Body position, rifle control, and other marksmanship topics
  • Accuracy on the platform

How carbine 1 class works

This class is a live fire shooting course where students spend an hour or so in the classroom learning academic concepts before moving into the range and shooting drills focused on getting the learner proficient and accurate with their rifle and optic. The total course time is about two hours, but you are welcome to stay and shoot as long as you like.

Why is Mister Guns rifle class the best?

Our training system focuses on digestible intensive training, focused on points acutely, leading to greater knowledge retention. We keep our class sizes in courses like these to a size where we can work with people more closely. Mister Guns’ goal is “practical proficiency.” We want to teach rifle courses where people leave feeling confident and competent. Most classes we as trainers have attended seem more like “sit in the classroom, and just prove to us you are capable of basic function.” We left feeling informed but not necessarily any more comfortable with the guns we were shooting. It was a minimalist approach to practicality.
Conversely, Mister Guns’ training system focuses on the practical use of the actual rifle, with the academics not necessarily secondary but serving as a primer for understanding the use to come. Our customers leave proficient with the actual gun. That is the focus.

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